Strumming Some Heartstrings

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
at 7:56 AM

Forget to blog for many years

27 Aug 10

Too many to said but forget few
Firstly tamil class were the best
Laugh Laugh Laugh
Than got tis blackout
The class went even wild
But the blackout was too short
After school had a great fall
Both my leg knee got injures
On way home borrowed 3 CDs
'Happy Feet', 'Hannah Montana'and 'Drag Me To Hell

28 Aug 10
At nite planned to watch 'Drag me to Hell'
With My sis,and two fren(one 27 aged other 10 aged)
To be frank the movie wasnt scarier
Compare to other movies i watched
While watching the movie a box fall
Which was place high
That was so unexpected
And something the 10 yrs old girl's voice is too shape
She scream so loud, make me scare
And make me scream two times
First time ever scream for a horror movie

29 Aug 10
Nothing much to said
Just prepare for school

30 Aug 10
Having fever
MC for two days

31 Aug 10
Wake up at 12 only
So badly want to go pri sch
But the fever cos me to stay at home

Tmr Teacher's Day and sch holiday
Wishing all my teachers a
Happy Teacher's Day
you know you love me

Saturday, August 14, 2010
How to change my password??? at 11:45 AM

Who are you?
Why you change?
Why you type something so embarrassing things?
Wht do you want?
Pls change back
Pls remove that
How can i find the password for the my facebook
And my email address
Pls someone help me in this
How can i change back my password?
How did that person noe my password?
Pls someone help me before tis person type something nonsense in my profile
you know you love me

Saturday, August 7, 2010
at 5:47 AM

6 of August National Day celebrating
After national day parade
Went to multiplex
Watch the speech day
Later went to the field for the cola thing
Waited there for 5 - 10 mins
Was getting really to put the mentos in the coke
Than some students spray the coke
Lucky i worn the raincoat all the way
But my shoes were full of coke
Than thanks to eccl tat i got wet with mineral water
Lucky again it just minerial water not coke
you know you love me

Thursday, August 5, 2010
at 12:24 AM

Math Elective lesson using com
Very fun
Using facebook and blogger
you know you love me

at 12:24 AM

Math Elective lesson using com
Very fun
Using facebook and blogger
you know you love me

Sunday, August 1, 2010
at 3:33 AM

Yesterday nite quiet fun
Devi aunt and her son
Came to my house
Watched a horror movie
Calles Sivi
Second time watching
At nite
I was like keep on screaming like hell
Than aunt also scream at a part where the ghost appear
The ghost face was damn ugly
Very white and the eyes are very dark

Todae clean the house
Packed mostly all
Tmr will got to that house
you know you love me


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