Strumming Some Heartstrings

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Gain 2 kg and 2 cm at 3:45 AM

Yesterday PE
Mr Khoo check our height and weight
I gain weight and height
By 2cm and 2 kg
Hahah 2nd taller for girls
Gloria is the tallest

Today after school went to Compass point
My legs were freaking painful
On thw way home in MRT
I saw that betrayer
Hate her a lot
you know you love me

Monday, June 28, 2010
I Love You at 2:18 AM

26 June 2010

Today i was playing game
In Facebook
When a guy from Malaysia
Chat with me
After a long chat
He asked me i got boyfren
I answer YES
But actually i dont have one
Few minutes later he said i love you to me
I dont really believe love in this age
So i say
Hello i already have BF
If my BF see this i die

26 June 2010

Today is the last day of holiday
So fast holiday finish
So bad

28 June 2010

Today is the first day of school
So happy to meet my frends
At 6.45 i nid to be in Bowen Sec sch
For Sinda class
The class will finish at 9
When i reach home
Mum for sure dont let me use com
So i use now

While nid to stop here
you know you love me

Friday, June 25, 2010
Lazy very lazy at 6:48 AM

Today wake up at 11.40
Than sleep again
Wake up at 12
Went toilet bush my tooth
Nvr take bath
Cos very hungry
Nvr do my house work
Watch a movie
Than movie very pitiful
At 6 only the movie finish
Than went to wash dises
Nvr do finish tamil homework also
Today was very lazy
I dont care
And u going to die idiot
When school reopen
you know you love me

Thursday, June 24, 2010
at 7:55 AM

21 June 2010

That idiot come to house again
I don like him at all
U die alrdy for calling me with that words

22 June 2010

Today i ate durian
I love durian a lot a lot

23 June 2010

Again went to east coast beach to eat
But this time my 2nd cousin follow us too
I like him a lot cos he very funny, jolly type
Had a lot of fun

24 June 2010

Today wake up at 11
I might wake up even late
But that idiot come again
I noe he was knocking the door
But i dont care
Than later mum wake up
And open the door
My sis and 1st cousin were not feeling well
Still nvr do finish tamil compo and letter writing
Nid to finish by tmr

you know you love me

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Freaking cold at 7:03 AM

Today went to beach
Wow it was very cold
Freaking cold....seriously
Lucky got bring my jacket along
Later went to the hawker centre
We often go dere to eat satay and chicken wing
We enjoy going dere eating
you know you love me

Betray...Disappoinment at 6:51 AM

14 June 2010
I will nvr ever forget tis date
How could she do and said like that
You urself had told me that u treat me as ur god sister
Believe or not i really treat u as my own sister
And ur family too
But u and ur family betray my family
Ask ur mum to go act in films not us
Ur all thinking that we dont noe anything
We are still in dark is it?
And thanks a lot cos u teach me a very good lesson
Tat not to trust everyone in my life
you know you love me

Monday, June 7, 2010
Hate myself at 8:06 AM

Yesterday went to see Singam.
I must be very happy,excited...
But the day was worse
It was all becos of him hate -him a lot a lot-
My face like wht i myself hated for being like that
I noe im a jolly item
So do my mum
i did not talk to my mum for the whole day-don noe why-
After movie we went to eat near my home at 9.30pm
I refuse to eat -don noe why-
I should have eaten cos i ate at 12pm
For whole day nvr eat
Wile waiting for the lift my mum said that
I nvr give her respect by speaking to her for 4 hours
So tat she said tat she will not talk to me
I was like wht the hell,whatever
At home straight went to my bed to sleep
But i cant.Sleep around 1am

Today wake up at 12pm but i was in bed for 2hours
At 2pm only when to take shower
Than don noe wht to do
Should i talk to her?
But i was scared
So tat i stay at my room
Did not even eat
It been 24 hours i eat
My mum don not even ask me to eat
Around 6pm mu mum shouted at me for wht not eating
I said you did not invite me
Than she said she nid to beg me to eat is it?
Than she walked away
In my mind i saidthat whenever i or my mum fight with each other her my mum will always come to me talk make me feel better but she did not do like that so i was still thinkin that she was angry with me
I was so hungry
So i went to my mum to feed me
She did feed me
Than i thought she cool down alrdy
But she did not
This time i talk to her but she did not talk to me
Now also my mum nvr talk to me
But she call me for help only
Feel like dying rather than being like this at my own house
Feel lonely
Want to go to a place where i can find the one who loves me a lot a lot
Than my mum
Im a problem maker
Everyone around me hate me alot-my mum, my sis etc etc-
I hate myself too for borning with this attitude
All my fault hate myself a lot
you know you love me


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