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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Missing post!!!! at 3:06 AM

You will find that there are few post now all days.

Cos i will not use com often as the holiday started.

Going out with friends and family often.

But don worry i will post sometimes.


you know you love me

Monday, May 24, 2010
Funny day at 6:41 AM

Todae was very funny day.
Hilary,Micah,C.K.,Navhin,Eccleshia,Amni all play UNO and STRESS.
The whole class was noisy cos of us shouting,screaming.
Most of them very shouting very very loud,till the teacher said can wake up the deads.
Than Navhin and Liyana talk a lot of craps and horny stuff.
I cant stop laughing.
I laughed till my cheek very painful.
Than later tamil class i splash water at Gloria.
Than splash at Aish and DD.
My skirt were very wet
you know you love me

at 6:06 AM

Yesterday went to Sentoas with my two cousin,my sis and my mum.
It was a sudden idea of going out,so about 4pm reach Vivo
In Sentoas went to Underwater World,Songs of the Sea.
I been to Sentoas a lot of time and want to this show
But always ticket sold out but yesterday manage to buy.Hahaha finally went to watch.
Here are some video

you know you love me

Saturday, May 22, 2010
at 4:30 AM

Dont feel like posting any thing..
Yesterday nvr go school cos wake up late.
On Thursday Ms Farah was so angry cos half of the boys failed English.
I passed all expect DnT and English paper1.

Todae went to takka for shopping for my cousin who is going to India next week.
About 12 afternoon went and return at 6 evening.
My legs were fucking painful.
Dont have chance to sit expect when i eat for my lunch.
A lot of plastic bags to hold.
Hated when i go shopping for others but love shopping for myself.
Still got a lot of craps to type but lazy
Going to sleep early very tried but i don think so will sleep early.

Tats all for todae

you know you love me

Monday, May 17, 2010
at 1:38 AM

Todae was science and math paper.

Science at first i thought hard.

But later could do finish.

Math was very very hard.

Some do any how.hahaha

While tats all for todae
you know you love me

Friday, May 14, 2010
at 1:11 AM

This picture are drawn by Hilary during ICT and CI period yesterday.
Thanks Hilary.Its very nice.
Yesterday no time to use com cos busy studying for History.
Todae was Art and History exam.
SBQ half way don noe how to do.
SEQ part 1(a) not sure 1(b) can do.
Art i just do do do, colour colour then pass up.
Hope to pass History.
Art too

you know you love me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
at 12:13 AM


Mr John asked to self study.
For friday paper.


Lucky i did my art partory work yesterday
Todae did colour vision.
But did not bring colour penile.
So draw the picture out first.


DD,Suvithrah n I ate together.
Later help Siti(2n3) n Suvithrah to photo copy history notes.


Todae the class was normal.
Back to itself.
Navhin throw a small paper ball to Gloria.
Gloria throw water bottle to Navhin.
Whole class was having fun.
Laughing Laughing


Ms Farah nvr come school again.
Navhin n Gloria had their fight at eng class too.
I helped Gloria to get water bottle.


Mrs Chew go through the two test papers.
I got 7/10 for both papers.
Later she gave us a worksheet.


Did that worksheet at this period.
Forget how to do that question.
Cos so long nvr do that question.
Finally did finish.
But before i could do finish, some girls took my paper n copy.

you know you love me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Another day at school at 4:09 AM


Ms Farah nvr come school again.
So Mrs Chew took over to go through math.
Todae got two math test.
First test like blurr alrdy
So i scribbled!
Second paper can do.


Tamil teacher now all days nothing to teach so she tells story,
We like primary one sat at our seat listen her story
No one distrusted her cos we will be day dream or jux bored.
I almost fell asleep.ZZZZ


Forget to bring my PE t-shirt.
Then i learnt from Jennifer her PE t-shirt.Thanks for ur t-shirt!
But Mr Khoo did not conduct PE cos he was concern of our safety.
He did not want us to injure ourselves during exam period.


Forget to bring my wallet.
What the hell was i doing at home;4get to bring my wallet n PE t-shirt!!
I follow Siti(2n3) to canteen.
Dere i saw Li Zhen, she join us.
Then i saw Shu Fen sat sadly with Suvithra.
I asked what happened, she said she don noe
Later i sms Shu Fen asking her is she alrite."Yes" was her answer.


MS Farah nvr come school.
Mr Tan relief our class.
He let us listen song.
Listen school for whole period.

Mr John gave notes on chapter nine.
He asked to learnt it to those are choose this topic.
Those choose diff one, asked to understand the topic.


Mrs Chew gave worksheet to do.
Do,do,do a lot


Todae Mr Tan try to be horny.
After school Ms Phua came to our class to tel abt the project.
Then she cal my name to give $3 for the workbook
At first shr said no nid to pay for FAS
Then now nid to pay but i no money cos nvr bring my wallet
So tmr morning assembly nid to pay

you know you love me

Monday, May 10, 2010
at 6:12 AM

CT period

Self-study.Studying history notes on chapter six.
Mrs Chew asked me how are things at home.
I was like OK.
I was about to finish studing history when the bell rang.


Mr John came to class 20minutes later cos he was engross with his files.
The 20 minutes we were chatting
He gave notes on chapter seven.
He ask the class to study that note.
But i was just keep on study chapter six.


I ate shagetti.
Than i saw Li Zhen, she follow me to my class.
We started talking last week but todae only i noe her name.


I though Mrs Chew going to give math test.
I forget to bring my calculator so i was like ARG for not bring calculator.
But she gave worksheet to do.


Todae the class was so quiet.
Teacher told us a anicent story.
It was very intresting.


Todae Ms Farah did not come school.
So that Ms Phua took over the lesson to teach chem.
She made us stay back for 15 minutes

While thats all for todae
you know you love me

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Mother's Day at 6:11 AM

Some picture while waiting for taxi


I was the first one to wish my mother at 12 midnight.

Around 2 afternoon my two cousin,my 2 friends, my sis,

my mum n I went to east coast beach.
We first cut cake for mum.

The picture of the cake.

After eating cake, my

friends n I went cycling.

We almost went to

Changia Beach.

My mum, my sis n my two cousin were in the water playing.

Upon our returning my mum n my one of the cousin had a qurral.

So my mum take her shower so we.

This time my sis n one of my friend,manan, went cycling

Dhana(another friend)n I went for a walk.

Later we took two taxi to go home

you know you love me

Friday, May 7, 2010
at 2:16 AM

So long nvr go blog.
But now im here
Try everyday to blog
you know you love me


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