Strumming Some Heartstrings

Sunday, July 25, 2010
at 2:08 AM

Few more day we moving to tat house
The people dere look like "bad" people
How i was i could still in Serangoon
I have been living here for 12 yrs
Tis place and people here all are known for 12 yrs
Blame me for changing house
I should not have asked my mum to stop work
The place we going to stay in rent is so scarier
I hope Devi aunt could find a flat for us
And we could share with her
Staying with a person and a place known is better than with a person and a place don noe
My 14 yrs of life nothing is good to me except my mum
Life is so hard
you know you love me

Thursday, July 8, 2010
NYAA Camp at St. John's Island at 6:34 AM

NYAA Camp for 2 days
This is how the camp was

Day 1 <7>
Wake up at 5.15
When to McDonal to eat breakfast
At camp they will give lunch at 1 pm only
So the school ask us to eat heavy breakfast
I ate Hotcake meal
My mum sent me off to MRT
In hougang Suvithra join with me to go school together
At school took some pics while assembly
Took a bus to Ferry Terminal
Reach there waited 1 hour for the ferry
In St. John's Island got some briefing and introduction
Later went to our barracks to keep out staffs
Change into PE attire
First had lunch
Got area cleaning
Need to change bed covers and pilloe case
Got a lot of bugs
Than got this 4 hours Expeition
Need to wear tracking pants
But i did not wear cos for sure it will be hot
I put the insect repellent twice
But still got some bites
After that 2n3 girls and 2n4 girls
Took shower
Than got dinner
We assembly that this so call "Hall"
Most of the boys make noise
We dont have camp fire,mass dance
WTF camp no campfire
Insterd we did our filling in NYAA booklet
Than got supper
Sleep around 12 am alrdy
I was so tried
Thats why i sleep early

Day2 <8>
Wake up around 4.45
Early in the morning i was finding for my handphone
When take shower
The water was so cold
But i still tkae shower
Did flag rising
We sang the national anthem very loudly
The pledge too
It was raining cat and dog
So we did not havr the chance to clean the beach
So we had our breakfast
Than did cleaning and barrack inspection
Took some pis while waiting for thr ferry

The most fun part was in the ferry
We took so many pics
The wind was so nice
Scram like hell
Want another trip in the ferry
Say "HI" to some people in the other ferry
While going to the terminal
you know you love me

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
NYAA Camp at 3:00 AM

Tmr we going to St. John Island
So excited
But today my leg very painful
Very weak
I hope tmr i will be
Strong enough to involve in games
Still need five more things to put in my bag
Cant wait for the excitement
Hope the bed bugs will not bit me
you know you love me

Thursday, July 1, 2010
at 1:42 AM

Today i watched Sillunnu Oru Kadhal
The movie is very nice
Its a love story
Surya acted
This movie i love a lot
The way Surya acted is super
I hope to have a boyfren like him
But the ending must not like the movie
you know you love me


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